Food Service

Freezer Paper

Formulated for protection

G2 Paper’s freezer paper is a coated sheet formulated exceptional protection from moisture loss and freezer burn.  This FDA approved sheet has a layer of poly coating to prevent moisture leaks during transport as well as to protection during storage.  The paper side of the sheet provides a great surface for labeling, taping, and writing directly onto the package.


Freezer paper also makes a great all purpose food service wrap for deli sandwiches, cheeses, fish, and breads where the polyethylene prevents grease, oil, sauces, and mayonnaise from leaking through the wrap.

Standard Freezer Paper Basis Weights

Basis Weight 35#/5# 40#/5# 45#/5#

Standard Freezer Paper Sizes

Rolls 12" 15" 18" 24" 30" 36" 48"
Sheets 12"x12" 18"x18" 18"x24" 24"x30" 30"x30" 30"x48" 36"x36"

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