Packaging Paper

Virgin Kraft Paper

Unbeatable strength & durability.

Virgin kraft is an exceptionally strong & durable sheet desirable for demanding packaging applications.  Due to excellent tear & burst strength virgin kraft is ideal for automated packaging equipment as well as for protecting sharp objects like metal parts.  Virgin kraft is desirable as an interleaving paper when items are stacked or nested, preventing scratching, rubbing, and mishandling damage in finished products.  Being stiffer than its recycled counterpart, virgin kraft provides superior cushioning when used as dunnage for void fill.  Virgin kraft is smoother than recycled which makes it ideal for various forms of printing, including gift wrap.

Standard Virgin Kraft Basis Weights

Basis Weight 30# 40# 50# 60# 70#

Standard Virgin Kraft Sizes

Rolls 12" 15" 18" 24" 30" 36" 48" 60" 72"
Sheets 15"x20" 18"x24" 20"x30" 24"x36" 36"x36" 40"x48"

Standard Footage Per Roll

Basis Weight Footage
30# 1200'
40# 900'
50# 720'
60# 600'
70# 510'

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