Special Projects

Special Projects

Creativity & experience in action

There aren’t many things that we can’t do.  That attitude has help several of our customers reach new goals in their own ventures.  From R&D, prototyping, salvage, and more; G2 has the experience to get your project off the ground.  Take a look at a few of the ways we’ve helped our customers solve some of their most challenging problems.

Pilot & Trial Work

Linerless Label

Slit & rewind pressure sensitive label stock without a backing liner. Handle rolls with exposed adhesive utilizing unique roller coatings and slitter knife lubrication.

  • Rewind to specific lineal footage
  • Maintain +/- 1/64” tolerance
  • Eliminate core waste tweaking inbound roll footage
  • Bag & kit finished product for distribution


Slit and rewind spunlace, airlaid, and similar non-woven substrates into narrow webs and small diameters for distribution to test labs world wide.

  • Successfully run very delicate material
  • Maintained desired width with no product necking
  • Maintained product integrity without stretching
  • Kitted product for worldwide distribution

Fluff Pulp

Slit & rewind debonded fluff pulp into narrow webs for testing in a hammer mill application.

  • Convert rolls to suitable format for pilot line
  • Maximize yield on high value R&D trial rolls
  • Apply various aqueous solutions inline
  • Maintain cleanliness of inbound product

Thermal Transfer

Rewind wax emulsion thermal transfer paper for testing and sampling.

  • Preserve coating integrity through the converting process
  • Maximize yield of high value trial material
  • Create & package 9″ diameter rolls for samples
  • Evaluate larger scale convertability of product

We're here to help...

  • The core of our business is helping our customers come up with specialized solutions that set them apart from their competitors.  To meet this end we offer our industry expertise to help you craft a solution unique to your specific challenge.

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