Linerless Label

Slit & rewind pressure sensitive label stock without a backing liner. Handle rolls with exposed adhesive utilizing unique roller coatings and knife lubrication.

  • Rewind to specific lineal footage
  • Maintain +/- 1/64” tolerance
  • Eliminate core waste tweaking inbound roll footage
  • Bag & kit finished product for distribution
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Slit and rewind spunlace, airlaid, and similar non-woven substrates into narrow webs and small diameters for distribution to test labs world wide.

  • Successfully run very delicate material
  • Maintained desired width with no product necking
  • Maintained product integrity without stretching
  • Kitted product for worldwide distribution
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Fluff Pulp

Slit & rewind debonded fluff pulp into narrow webs for testing in a hammer mill application.

  • Convert rolls to suitable format for pilot line
  • Maximize yield on high value R&D trial rolls
  • Apply various aqueous solutions inline
  • Maintain cleanliness of inbound product
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Thermal Transfer

Rewind wax emulsion thermal transfer paper for testing and sampling.

  • Preserve coating integrity through the converting process
  • Maximize yield of high value trial material
  • Create & package 9" diameter rolls for samples
  • Evaluate larger scale convertability of product
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