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Working with distributors & manufacturers to supply the roll and sheet products that power the packaging, food service, construction, and manufacturing industries.

Paper is excellent choice in packaging material because it’s sustainable, renewable, durable, and affordable.


G2 Paper offers a wide variety of paper grades to meet your specific application and end user needs.  Wether it be strength, softness, cushioning, or cost; we offer a paper for every application.


G2 Paper offers both virgin and recycled grades of paper, which allows us to help you select the optimal grade for your needs without the worry of being over spec.

Paper has been a staple in the food service industry for generations because of its versatility and convenience. 


Paper’s desirable properties can be specifically formulated during the manufacturing process to stand up to the unique challenges of the food service industry.  Properties such as water, oil, and grease resistance; hot or cold release; moisture absorption, and air hold out have been refined over the years to provide exceptional performance.

Nearly every industry uses paper at some point in the manufacturing process.  Metal processing, glass manufacturing, painting, powder coating, construction, and building materials to name a few.


And that’s before you consider traditional paper focused industries like tube & core, corrugating, box making, and commercial printing.


At G2 Paper we’re committed to serving these industries by sourcing & converting a wide range of materials for nearly any industrial or manufacturing application.

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  • The core of our business is helping our customers come up with specialized solutions that set them apart from their competitors.  To meet this end we offer our industry expertise to help you craft a solution unique to your specific challenge.

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